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Sold With Webinars is a podcast for entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, and information marketers who want to sell more of their products and services online through webinar sales presentations. Your host, Joel Erway, has been creating and delivering effective sales presentations for more than 8 years with sales totaling more than $10Million as a direct result. Through interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll discover how to leverage webinars as a simple, effective tool to sell more in your business.

Blog Episodes

How to Create and Sell $5.6MM In Under 15 Minutes from a Webinar w/ Jon Tarr | #032


Jon Tarr wrote a $5.6 million-dollar webinar 15 minutes before go time. No gimmicks. No hype. No sleazy marketing tactics. He did it ethically and — might we add — successfully. Was it flawless? No. But that just proves how overrated perfection is. Hit the right points, say the right things, be transparent and authentic.…

SWW 31 | Repeat Buyers

How to Create the Ultimate Course for Repeat Buyers with Dr. Carrie Rose| #031


Did you hear the news? Online learning is a multibillion dollar industry! Ok. That’s not “news.” But you might perk your ears to the meager 3-5% course completion rate that could be killing the back end of your funnel. This episode may not be saturated with webinar talk but it will help you course creators…

SWW 30 | Webinar Registrants

How to Get 2,525 Webinar Registrants For Under 1K w/ Josue Pena | #030


  With live webinars, normally about 100 to 200 people opt in and register. Josue Pena on his very first webinar has 2,525 webinar registrants without even spending more than $1,000. Josue is a social media growth hacker and marketer and the founder of Online CEOs which is based on his proven strategies that shows…

SWW 29 | Mini Webinar

How To Go From 0-$13k In Less Than 3 Weeks With a MINI WEBINAR | #029


  Everybody wants to go down the course route. For some reason, everybody in the world wants to sell a $997-course. It is like that magical number. People so much more success and much faster success if they pause the course for a minute and think about putting out webinars. People may not realize it…

SWW 28 | Interview Style Webinar

The Interview Style Webinar w/ Dan Kuschell | #028


  The components of a traditional sales webinar can be re-framed and restructured in every which way but essentially, the process and structures are all the same. People buy emotionally and they justify logically. Business growth expert Dan Kuschell developed the non-traditional interview style webinar which combines those two things. Dan explains that in an…

SWW 27 | Business Using Only Webinars

7 Years of Business Using Only Webinars to Grow w/ Trevor Turnbull | #027


  A lot of people are wanting to know how to use LinkedIn and leverage it to get more clients. Social media educator and founder of Linked Into Leads, Trevor Turnbull, has done practically 100% of his business using only webinars. Linked Into Leads is a LinkedIn lead generation, training and consulting company that finds…

SWW 26 | Webinar Business Card

The Webinar Business Card w/ Akbar Sheikh | #026


  Paid traffic is a great way to get exposure for your webinar. However, seven-figure funnel creator and bestselling author Akbar Sheik shows us that you don’t need paid traffic to be successful in online business.He talks about leveraging things that you already have in place as a webinar business card. Your business card can create a…

SWW 25 | Strategic Webinars

How to 12x Your Business with Strategic Webinars w/ Sid Bharath | #025


  For consistent growth, consistent strategy, and consistent progress, one of the things Sid Bharath recommends is for the webinars to keep plugging along. Sid is a grow marketer and SAAS consultant who’s worked with two separate software companies and grew them to exponential heights specifically using marketing strategies like webinars. Sid says the great…

SWW 24 | 4x Your Conversion

How To 4x Your Conversion On Live Webinars w/Tim Paige | #024


  You can sell anything to anyone. For some who are awesome at sales, that would be easy. For anyone else who’s trying, that comes down to packaging, positioning, and pricing your products. If you want to 4x your conversions and totally crush it, Tim Paige is the go-to webinar expert for some strategies on…

SWW 23 | Target Marketing

How to Get People to PAY You for Your Webinars w/ Frank Salas | #023


  When someone that goes from homeless to making bank selling homes talks about how you can make good money off of what you do best, you pay full attention. That’s how Frank Salas positions himself, that’s the reason he gives you when you’re asking yourself why you should even be listening to him, that’s…

SWW 22 | Convert, Paying Leads

From $97 to $8K — Selling High-ticket Offers w/ Adam Wenig | #022


  When you’re in the business of providing services, meaning your main capital is your expertise, how do you know how much to charge for your time? One would think that for starters you probably shouldn’t even charge at all and that you should give out these free sessions to gain a following that will…

SWW 21 | Facebook Messenger Bots

75% Show-Up Rates and Facebook Messenger Bots w/ Molly Keyser | #021


  How would you like a 75% show-up rate for your live webinar? How about a 25% take rate for a tripwire offer? Those remarkable numbers belong to Molly Keyser, a creative who teaches boudoir photographers how to book more clients and make more money. So, if you’re ready to see rates like that for…