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Sold With Webinars is a podcast for entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, and information marketers who want to sell more of their products and services online through webinar sales presentations. Your host, Joel Erway, has been creating and delivering effective sales presentations for more than 8 years with sales totaling more than $10Million as a direct result. Through interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll discover how to leverage webinars as a simple, effective tool to sell more in your business.

Blog Episodes

A weird takeaway I learned from a gun business | #100


“Ascension: so much value if you can lead with the top and then downsell.” In this episode we discuss: Recap of a mastermind I recently spoke at; Launch method that I use for high ticket offers; Top Down selling Increase revenue Examples Results Psychology – why does this work so well?? VALUE and pricing   Keep…

Micro Power Offers To Explode Response | #099


“Your end promise may be too saturated…you need to map out what your micro-journey wins are inside of your program and start creating power offers within each of them.” – Joel Today we are chatting about content development that I have been developing and sharing internally for the last couple of months. We have implemented…

The Shortcut To Finding Money Markets | #098


I want you to figure out how you can target the person in your market who needs the least amount of educating possible and usually that is the person who has already tried something in your expertise and has failed… Let me explain:  Five levels of product awareness; We want to go after the market…

Controversial – Lead With Pain? Or Pleasure? | #097


“You don’t want to be selling band-aides… You want people to buy into your journey and methodology… that is what gets people to buy into you long term.” – Joel Happy Holidays – Happy New Year! Time to get back into the swing of things! I am very excited to come at you with a…

Branding Webinars? | #096


The number one thing that will affect somebody’s opinion and personal stance on you is how much time they are willing to give you and the more time you get someone to spend with you… the more likely they are to become true fans. – Joel We are in the midst of launching our new…

Controversial? A Weird Test That REALLY Paid Off | #095


Today we are going to discuss something interesting that is happening in our campaigns… We have launched a new webinar, which is doing really well. We launched our new ads, received some good results, but then suddenly began to see some negative comments.  I respond to every single comment on the ad – the good…

How This One Weird Conversation Hack Gave Me The Best Converting Webinar I’ve Ever Seen | #094


People enjoy getting a message from you…they respond well with that personal touch from you. – Joel In This Episode: Conversational automated webinars Mini – Webinars / High Ticket course conversion rates How “chat sales” saved my calendar and sanity! People respond well to receiving messages and conversation starters. Remember: you must also have a…

Sell Your Course Before It’s Finished | #093


“I want to make sure that if I’m launching a brand new program… a brand new offer… I want to make sure that people are actually going to buy it. And I say this from experience, where I’m built programs in the past and nobody buys it. And, if it’s going to take you months…

How 1 mini-webinar turned 6 years of failure into an overnight success | #092


“I guess the lesson here to me, the overall arching lesson is the power of sticking with something until you get the answer in which what you want… You don’t give up. You don’t give up because you had a bad month with Facebook, or you got booted out of Facebook. You keep at it…

The Secret Conversation With A Customer About Their Webinar | #091


“You need to define the hottest market and go after them first. The more that you have to educate them, the lower your conversion is going to be, the more difficult, the more expensive it’s going to be. You have to find the market that is already sold on the general idea of what you’re…

Infinitely Scalable Webinar Ads With YouTube Expert Justin Brooke | #089


Somebody went there typing in “How to make money online,” or “How to run a webinar,” or “How to run a live stream,” or whatever, and then they bump into a channel which you happen to be targeting with your YouTube ads, and so your YouTube ad loads before the video they just clicked on.…

The Niagara Falls Effect With Webinars | #088


The majority of your success is making sure that you are getting the right people into your funnels, into your webinars, who are interested in your products and services… – Joel In This Episode: Insights – the most important things you need to concentrate on to get results; Mention of Experts Unleashed podcast with Brian…