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Sold With Webinars is a podcast for entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, and information marketers who want to sell more of their products and services online through webinar sales presentations. Your host, Joel Erway, has been creating and delivering effective sales presentations for more than 8 years with sales totaling more than $10Million as a direct result. Through interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll discover how to leverage webinars as a simple, effective tool to sell more in your business.

Blog Episodes

SWW 39 | $997 Myth

BUSTING the $997 Myth | #039


  In the world of digital marketing, there seems to be this myth of the $997 product. People think that this is the Holy Grail to build their business off of. Most of the time people think that their audience wants to buy a $997 product. Understanding this crazy myth of the Holy Grail of…

SWW 38 | Don’t Sell Courses And Things

Don’t Sell Courses and Things…Sell THIS Instead! | #038


  Many of us are in the information marketing space or the education space and we use webinars to sell courses or some sort of digital product. When somebody says he’s got this awesome program but it’s just not selling, one of the things they should do to help boost conversions is to eliminate the…

How to Get 100 Free Hot Webinar Registrations Per Day Using LinkedIn w/ John Nemo | #037


How much would you have to pay right now for 100 new leads on Facebook? One thing is certain — it’s more than you’d pay on LinkedIn. 100% more. Nemo found a way to get 100 webinar registrations per day on LinkedIn —for $0. You can choose to divert your sights from LinkedIn forever, but…

SWW 36 | The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey Mistake That Will HURT Your Sales (Don’t Do This) | #36


  The hero’s journey is a very popular story that most marketers tell you to use. A hero’s journey story is about how you got started and what your struggle was. If you’re studying any sort of marketing, people are telling you that you have to share your hero’s journey story to connect with your…

SWW 35 | Boost Your Webinar Sales

SPECIAL – The 3 P’s to Dramatically Boost Your Webinar Sales | #035


  Something extremely common that we see with almost every single webinar is the expert’s curse. The expert’s curse is when you get way too deep into the details and basically trying to teach your entire six-month long course or a five-module course in a span of a 60-minute presentation. You have to distill it…

SWW 34 | Sell $20K Offers

How To Sell $20K Offers With A Broken Webinar w/ Caleb O’Dowd | #034


Picture this… It’s minutes before your webinar starts. You know —the one that showcases your $20K offer. You’re shadowboxing to Eye of the Tiger when all the sudden your slide deck goes on strike. Is it possible to recover from a technical mishap and still crush it? Caleb O’Dowd did. In fact, he closed 30%…

SWW 33 | 8X Return on Ads

How To Get 8X Return On Ads By Listening To Sold With Webinars With AJ And Mike | #033


This special episode of Sold With Webinars introduces its first case study! Mike Schmidt and Anthony Rivera grew their webinar sales from mediocre to million-dollar-massive. What made the difference? Implementing tips and strategies learned from this here podcast. In this episode, Mike and AJ reveal the key takeaways from past Sold With Webinar episodes that…

How to Create and Sell $5.6MM In Under 15 Minutes from a Webinar w/ Jon Tarr | #032


Jon Tarr wrote a $5.6 million-dollar webinar 15 minutes before go time. No gimmicks. No hype. No sleazy marketing tactics. He did it ethically and — might we add — successfully. Was it flawless? No. But that just proves how overrated perfection is. Hit the right points, say the right things, be transparent and authentic.…

SWW 31 | Repeat Buyers

How to Create the Ultimate Course for Repeat Buyers with Dr. Carrie Rose| #031


Did you hear the news? Online learning is a multibillion dollar industry! Ok. That’s not “news.” But you might perk your ears to the meager 3-5% course completion rate that could be killing the back end of your funnel. This episode may not be saturated with webinar talk but it will help you course creators…

SWW 30 | Webinar Registrants

How to Get 2,525 Webinar Registrants For Under 1K w/ Josue Pena | #030


  With live webinars, normally about 100 to 200 people opt in and register. Josue Pena on his very first webinar has 2,525 webinar registrants without even spending more than $1,000. Josue is a social media growth hacker and marketer and the founder of Online CEOs which is based on his proven strategies that shows…

SWW 29 | Mini Webinar

How To Go From 0-$13k In Less Than 3 Weeks With a MINI WEBINAR | #029


  Everybody wants to go down the course route. For some reason, everybody in the world wants to sell a $997-course. It is like that magical number. People so much more success and much faster success if they pause the course for a minute and think about putting out webinars. People may not realize it…

SWW 28 | Interview Style Webinar

The Interview Style Webinar w/ Dan Kuschell | #028


  The components of a traditional sales webinar can be re-framed and restructured in every which way but essentially, the process and structures are all the same. People buy emotionally and they justify logically. Business growth expert Dan Kuschell developed the non-traditional interview style webinar which combines those two things. Dan explains that in an…