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Sold With Webinars is a podcast for entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, and information marketers who want to sell more of their products and services online through webinar sales presentations. Your host, Joel Erway, has been creating and delivering effective sales presentations for more than 8 years with sales totaling more than $10Million as a direct result. Through interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll discover how to leverage webinars as a simple, effective tool to sell more in your business.

Blog Episodes

How This One Weird Conversation Hack Gave Me The Best Converting Webinar I’ve Ever Seen | #094


People enjoy getting a message from you…they respond well with that personal touch from you. – Joel In This Episode: Conversational automated webinars Mini – Webinars / High Ticket course conversion rates How “chat sales” saved my calendar and sanity! People respond well to receiving messages and conversation starters. Remember: you must also have a…

Sell Your Course Before It’s Finished | #093


“I want to make sure that if I’m launching a brand new program… a brand new offer… I want to make sure that people are actually going to buy it. And I say this from experience, where I’m built programs in the past and nobody buys it. And, if it’s going to take you months…

How 1 mini-webinar turned 6 years of failure into an overnight success | #092


“I guess the lesson here to me, the overall arching lesson is the power of sticking with something until you get the answer in which what you want… You don’t give up. You don’t give up because you had a bad month with Facebook, or you got booted out of Facebook. You keep at it…

The Secret Conversation With A Customer About Their Webinar | #091


“You need to define the hottest market and go after them first. The more that you have to educate them, the lower your conversion is going to be, the more difficult, the more expensive it’s going to be. You have to find the market that is already sold on the general idea of what you’re…

The $8Million Mini Webinar With Steven Mayer | #090


“When you get your offer in front of the right people, it’s like dropping a matchstick into a bucket of gasoline… This is the power of what you can do when you get the offer in front of the right people, when you find a way to market it, when you find a way to…

Infinitely Scalable Webinar Ads With YouTube Expert Justin Brooke | #089


Somebody went there typing in “How to make money online,” or “How to run a webinar,” or “How to run a live stream,” or whatever, and then they bump into a channel which you happen to be targeting with your YouTube ads, and so your YouTube ad loads before the video they just clicked on.…

The Niagara Falls Effect With Webinars | #088


The majority of your success is making sure that you are getting the right people into your funnels, into your webinars, who are interested in your products and services… – Joel In This Episode: Insights – the most important things you need to concentrate on to get results; Mention of Experts Unleashed podcast with Brian…

The Real Key To Winning Webinars And Offers | #087


“It is so important for you … for anyone to be able to pivot not just their offer but who they are targeting for their offer because the WHO can make millions of dollars of difference.” – Joel In This Episode: New things we are doing and insights; High Ticket Courses; Market / Audience Selection…

How Country Club Economics Effects Your Business | #086


Start marketing yourself and stop comparing yourself. -Joel Erway Connect with Us: Subscribe to this podcast and Comment on iTunes. Get your free case study here. Looking to work with Joel directly? We offer done for you services and [NEW EFFECTIVE] game plan strategy sessions. Please view our services on the webpage and here ->…

How Stephen Made Millions Selling to a Seemingly Broke Market with Stephen Larsen | #085


“A webinar allows you to create so much connection with an individual. When I realized that a sales message was just a story, that’s when I started learning about and getting really into telling stories. Then realizing, wow, the amount of time I spend with them [on the webinar], it allows you to gain that…

Live Webinar Breakdown With Ian Stanley | #084


Today, we are doing something completely different. My buddy, Ian Stanley, is launching a new webinar and asked if I could critique it for him. So of course I said yes, and we ended up doing it live. I want to share the recording with you so you can listen to how I process webinars,…

Affiliate Marketing Webinars with Igor Kheifets | #083


“I you want to make money with webinars whether an affiliate or not…you still need to make one of your own to recuperate your traffic investment as the leads are coming in, which is where most people get stifled.” – Igor “You have to be able to spend money to get the [right] customers…” –…