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Sold With Webinars is a podcast for entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, and information marketers who want to sell more of their products and services online through webinar sales presentations. Your host, Joel Erway, has been creating and delivering effective sales presentations for more than 8 years with sales totaling more than $10Million as a direct result. Through interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll discover how to leverage webinars as a simple, effective tool to sell more in your business.

Blog Episodes

Eliminate Last-Minute Price Objections With These 6-Steps | #112


A couple of weeks ago, I was on a chat with a good friend of mine who I met in a mastermind. “Joel, I’ve been following your podcast. I’ve been following your content on social media. And I’ve got a question because we are struggling and I was hoping that you could help.” Now, this…

Cody Neer Created 21 Power Offers – This Is What Happened | #111


What happens when you launch 21 power offers in 4 months? One of the core principles I teach in High Ticket courses is being agile. Being able to move quickly and test a lot of ideas. Usually, that’s to find the one idea we can scale. But what if they all work? What if you…

Scammed? Zan’s Mini Webinar story | #110


This is a behind-the-scenes look at one of our 1-on-1 clients, Zan Sheikh. Zan bought High Ticket Courses from us and as he was going through the material, watched our long-form webinar for our DFY service. Zan’s someone who values his time and was willing to invest to get accelerated results. In this 50-minute interview,…

How To Turn A Commodity Into A High Ticket Offer | #109


“Why would I pay $2,500 for a testimonial video when I can just get my students to record one on their phone?” Brian was calling it the “spider web” testimonial. When he asked me for feedback about his offer, I really couldn’t see the price justification. And so, he had to explain to me why…

How Models And Diagrams Help Enroll More Customers | #108


Pretty pictures pull more prospects. When I first came up with the 3-tiered offer model for High Ticket Courses, I tried explaining it to people verbally. And as I talked to them face-to-face, I could see they didn’t get it. Something just wasn’t clicking. But I had to find a way to make them “get…

The importance of being lightweight with your ideas | #107


“I tried the power offer and it doesn’t work!” You’re missing the point here. You did the power and yes, it doesn’t work, but that’s a GOOD thing. Because what you didn’t do is: You didn’t spend 6 weeks trying to build out your webinar funnel. And you didn’t spend all this time trying to…

A deeper dive on YouTube webinar ads with Aleric Heck | #106


Guest interview today! It’s been a while since I have had someone come on the show so I am really looking forward to my conversation today with Aleric.  Aleric and I go way back! He’s a real genius with YouTube Ads… Aleric is a YouTube ads experts, specifically for webinars.  He runs a company called…

How to get prospects to sell themselves with UM | #105


I spent some time last week working within the High Ticket Courses group. They were asking a lot of questions on the sales process and how to boost their conversion rates. The advice that I gave them is really beneficial for any industry or product.  –> I focus on the application form. Pre-framing before they…

Eliminating Sales Conversations? | #104


Everyone wants to: Reduce no show rates, Get better prospects, How to insure sales team effectiveness. New Goal: Eliminate the sales conversations. Today may be a bit controversial and I do not want it to be taken the wrong way.   A big choke-point can be the sales conversations and the sales process.  I speak with…

Tripling Your Course Business With These 3 Offers | #103


Insider information on how to launch offers… If you understand how this works, it has the capability to triple your business. Three key offers to launch effectively: Cash-flow profits high-end offer [most amount of value and you charge the most] Time-saver (leveraged) mid-tier offer [remove myself and still get great results for my clients, providing…

Aspirational Marketing Will Change Your Business | #102


“…Now you have them thinking in terms of a new process – ‘what is this guy’s secret sauce’? This is how you position yourself as a high ticket program or course for a difficult niche to sell to… All about turning the intangible into the tangle and speaking in terms of aspirational viewpoints. That is…

Conversion Rate Optimization Behind The Scenes | #101


“Your message attracts and repels people” -Joel A peek inside what we have been working on and how things are working for us…  Behind the Scenes: I am a huge advocate for messaging; the right messaging for the right buyers. So how can we test while spending less.  Our ads have hit a stagnant point,…