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The KEY To Having Long Term Success With Your Webinars | #068

“When you jump online you want to make sure that your audience is online…easily targetable…whatever market you go after, make sure that there is a constant pool of replenishment…”

—Welcome to today’s episode!—

Do you ever get that “Lightbulb moment?”  Well, today –> I had that feeling.  Shiny object syndrome for sure!  So I had to jump on my podcast and record this for you today!

I have been taking more calls lately, talking to prospects and listening to their needs… hearing their needs.

Recently I spoke with a prospect.  They mentioned they were sick and tired of buying this and that program and following this and that training.  He had a successful business, but was in a constant up and down… something I am sure we can all relate to.

He really wanted to get his lead generation dialed in… his messaging and offer needed to be dialed in.  And was concerned about “is my market going to be reachable.” My suggestion: start testing.

But if you are out there wondering who your next market is going to be… the one thing you need to make sure of is that that market is going to be available online and your market is large enough to be replenished.

My process:

Start out with the most intimate level first – we use my “mini-webinar method” and “perfect expert model” using direct response marketing.

Then I move to mass market webinars or my high ticket offer.

— How can you figure out if your audience is constantly replenishing? Easiest way – run some test runs; $100, $200, $500 to try and generate some applications. If it is not working, dial in your message and your offer.

“Message – to – market – match”


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