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Elements Of The Perfect Offer | #118

Today I’ll be sharing the elements or the structure of the perfect offer.

I was talking with a well-known marketer recently and he wanted to pick my brain on how he can craft a high ticket offer for his audience. I asked him to tell me what his offer’s all about.

And he goes into all this detail. “They get access to this and that and this and that.” And I’m like “Okay, let’s pump the brakes.” That’s all well and good, but I only need to know ONE THING…

You’ll Discover

  • The ONLY thing about your offer that matters to your prospect
  • The main difference between a DIY course and a DFY service
  • Why you shouldn’t upsell – do this instead

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] What is it that you’re getting by the time you complete your program? Okay. So if you could answer this statement by the time you get to the end of my program. What is going to happen?

Hey, what’s going on? It’s Joel Erway here and welcome to another very special episode of sold with webinars. Now today, I want to talk to you about a very important topic and something I’ve talked about quite a bit on this podcast, but I want to go into a little bit more detailed today.

Today I want to share with you the elements and the structure of what I call the perfect offer when I’m talking to people on whether it’s a 20 minute consult call that people purchase as a bonus when they invest in the high ticket courses, or if I’m talking to anybody around the idea of, Hey Joel, how do I craft my high ticket offer? The number one thing that they go into is they start to throw in [00:01:00] all this stuff like, okay, I’ll ask them a question.

Okay hey, why didn’t you tell me, what is it that they get? Like, what is it that they get as a result of your high ticket offer? Case in point, I was talking with a well-known marketer earlier today and he wanted to pick my brain on how he can craft a high ticket offer for his audience. And so I asked him the question, okay, well, why don’t you tell me what’s, you know, tell me what your offer is all about.

And he goes into all this detail. He’s like, okay well, great. You know, they get access to all these coaching calls and they get access to this awesome training and then they get access to this and they get access to that. It’s like, okay, okay pump the brakes, right? It’s like, that’s all well and good. I only really need to know one thing.

Okay. The only thing that I want to know is, what is the end result that they are getting by the time they complete the program? Because that is all that matters. That is all that matters. The how they get that end result means very little [00:02:00] to the whole idea of packaging and promoting an offer. So when I’m working with clients, I ask them and I picked up this term from Dan Henry.

Who’s a very, very smart marketer and a good friend of mine. Dan Henry calls this, the quantifiable end result. I call it something I didn’t ever put a name to it, but he put a name to it called the quantifiable and result. And it’s all about what is it that you’re getting by the time you complete your program.

So if you could answer this statement by the time you get to the end of my program, what is going to happen? Is it you’re going to generate 100 new leads in your business, a thousand new lead, your first thousand leads in your business? Are you going to lose 10 pounds of fat? Are you going to be able to qualify for military special [00:03:00] forces training, right?

If you’re in some sort of fitness program that helps military development programs, right? I was hopping on a podcast earlier today with somebody. This is for experts unleashed with somebody who focuses on physical fitness programs specifically for up and coming military professionals.

Meaning they’re going to SEAL training. They’re going into special forces training, all these different things. They have these physical requirements that you have to get ready for in order to pass these trainings. So we helps those people get ready and gets their body ready for these programs.

And that is a quantifiable end result. Right. I’m going to help you. I going to help you. I think his statement is I help struggling military special ops law enforcement and firefighter candidates get to and through intense tactical selection programs using my books, eBooks and online coaching, you will qualify for service to your country or community.

That’s a quantifiable end result. [00:04:00] And when people are working on this, they get so bogged down in the details, like what is required inside of a high ticket offer. And it’s like, you realize that there’s very little that is required. The difference between a do it yourself course and a high ticket program.

The main thing is that quantifiable end result, that quantifiable end results. I want you to really think about this today. What is your quantifiable end result? What is your tangible result that you can promise somebody by the time they go through your process, your program, because if they can see that and they can understand that that’s what is going to be going through their mind during the entire program.

And also happens during the entire sales process and the entire marketing process. Like that is what they’re getting hooked on. That’s the promise. That is what they are focusing on. Are you going to help people hire their next A player in their business? Right? Are you going to help people hire their next chief marketing officer to double the growth of your business?

Are [00:05:00] you going to hire your replacement? Right. Think of all the different things that require a specific tangible result. Like you have this all already in your head, but you have to unpack it and you have to get crystal clear on your core promise because once they buy into that promise, this is what we want.

I talk about the idea of downselling like when we build our offers, we want to create two to three versions of our offers. Meaning I sell on one promise and two or three different levels of support to get there. Okay. And it’s all derived around this core promise. Don’t get bogged down in the details about all the things that they’re going to get.

All the things that you think that they want. Meaning, Oh they get this program, they get this program, they get this bonus. I mean, I see this as the biggest mistake and the biggest thing that holds people back when they start to build their low ticket programs first, they build that long form webinar, [00:06:00] and then they’d go through the stack and all that other stuff, and that’s all well and good, but they end up cannibalizing their offers.

Simplify this. I’m just talking specifically for your high ticket programs, focus on that quantifiable end result. That specific result, that tangible result that somebody can point to. That somebody can see, like, okay, cool. I’m going to make $10,000 a month with this program. That’s a quantifiable end result. And that is the perfect offer because the rest of it doesn’t really matter all that much.

Yeah. It matters a little bit. How much support are they going to get? You know, do they feel like they’re going to get enough support? All they really care about is that quantifiable end results. I want you to work on that. I want you to work on that. You know, I help X individuals get one specific result within a certain timeframe.

All right. That’s what I want you to work on. That is what I call the perfect offer. Cause the rest of it [00:07:00] all falls into place because you’re the boss. You’re the boss. You can actually design any offer that you want, any fulfillment mechanism that you want, but you have to get clear on the quantifiable end result.

Alright, makes sense? That’s what I’ve got for you today. So if you enjoyed this episode, I would appreciate it. I would appreciate some feedback. Shoot me over an email at [email protected] and if you liked it, go ahead, leave a positive review on wherever you listen to your podcast. Help us get this message out to more people, and I’ll see you on the next episode.

Take care.

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