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How To Optimize Your Webinars | #045

SWW 045 | Optimize Your Webinars

SWW 045 | Optimize Your Webinars


How are you going to optimize your webinars? If you have a piece of content that you are sharing with your audience, why do they need to pay attention? If you’re going through your webinar and you include three, four, five pieces of content that you want to share with them, why is each piece of content important? If you’re adding components to your offer, why is each component important? This sounds simple, but it is not easy and it is very important. If you could explain the reasons why with everything that you talk about, you will become a much more effective communicator in all of your messages, marketing, and sales language and drastically improve your conversions.

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How To Optimize Your Webinars

I have something incredible that I want to share with you. We’re going to dive into one of my client’s webinars as he’s going through and he’s launching the first versions of his webinars. I’m going to give you the biggest mistakes that people make when they launch any of their sales and marketing materials. I want to highlight James, who is absolutely crushing it right now with his webinar.

I want to talk about the most common mistakes that people make and why James has been crushing it with his just two versions of his webinars. We’re going to talk about something specific that is going to give you an inside look as to how to turn refunds into high-ticket sales. Very critical. You’re also going to understand how to optimize your marketing in sales language to triple your sales in as little as one to two weeks. Let’s get started.

I am so excited and so pumped because what I want to share with you is something that I’ve been working with one of my private clients. It’s so important that it actually tripled his sales and saved and converted a refund into a high-ticket offer. This episode is going to be all about optimization. How are you going to optimize your webinars? How are you going to optimize your offers? What do you focus on when you go live with your offer? How do you know what to focus on when you start to make things better with your message and with your offer?

I’m going to brag about my boy James Whitaker. He is one of my consulting clients. We’ve been working together for a couple of months now. When James came on, he was a little reluctant at first and he was very typical like a lot of my clients. He’s like, “I’m just going to give it a shot first and I’m going to try it. Once I’ve run it a couple of times, I’ll reconnect with you.” I let them stew on that for a little while and eventually, I followed up with him. I’m like, “Did you launch your Webinar?” He said, “No, let’s go.” He signed up.

James, we worked together. We worked on our message and he completes his webinar. James is in the career development niche and specifically, he helps people land jobs and elevate their career in the Big Four accounting firms. When we talk about going super niche, James is super niche. He’s showing people how to get a job in only four companies. I do think that he has a tremendous opportunity with his offer. We worked together. We put together the first script and James went live and got a few hundred registrants coming to his webinar.

I think it’s a $600 or $700 offer. He goes live and he got one sale and he was super pumped. He had around 160 registrations. He had 40 people show up and turned into one sale. You could just tell in his email, he was so enthusiastic. I’m reading right now, he ended it with pumped all in caps. There’s nothing like getting your first sale of your $700 or $600-course, or $1,000-course or $2,000-course. I know that there is so much more room for improvement and so did he. He’s like, “This is proof of concept. It works. I can’t wait.” He was used to selling $7 products and low-ticket tripwires to ultimately work up to higher ticket sale.

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He got a couple more sales that came through his follow-up sequence. We worked on his webinar. I looked at some ways that we could improve it for the next one. He sends me a message later on. He’s like, “The first sale that we’ve got, she ended up refunding because of X, Y and Z.” He was bummed because they ended up refunding. I’m like, “Why did they refund?” This is where so many people miss the boat. You get a refund request and you get depressed because you’re like, “I’ve got that sales and then I’ve got a refund.”

What we found out was he speaks to two very different avatars. There are people who are in college looking to get a job at the Big Four. There are also people who are already in the professional space and they’re looking to revamp their interview skills and revamp their career development skills. I had him ask him/her why they refunded it, and he said, “She just didn’t think it was the right fit for what she was doing.” She was already employed and was really just looking to advance her career.

I’m paraphrasing this and this may or may not be 100% accurate with their description. Bottom line was, she invested into the program, but she was looking for more high touch. I’m like, “Just go back and offer her a one-on-one consulting package or offer her more advanced training. He did and he turned that refund into a $2,000 per month consulting client. I just want to brag about him because so many people treat refunds as depressing activities. I’ve done this plenty of times myself.

Somebody invested into one of my courses and they’re like, “It’s not for me.” Then I asked him a question, “Why do you feel it’s not for you?” They’re like, “I was looking for more information or more handholding. They end up becoming a consulting client or a done for you client. There is so much opportunity in your sales, in your refunds for upsells and so many people do not talk about it. I’m going to leave you with that one thing now. That’s the first thing I want to talk about.

When James launched his second webinar and we worked on a couple of specific tweaks. With James, I wouldn’t call him the most extroverted presenter on the planet, but he knew that this was something that he has a lot of organic traffic coming from his site. He’s already got a massive asset on his website. People coming in all the time asking for information. I want to really harness the power of what we’re doing here and I want to capture this. He committed to doing the webinar. The first time he did the webinar, you’re going to stumble and the energy is not going to be high.

After I watched his webinar the first time, I’m like, “The next step that I want you to do is just keep practicing number one and get more comfortable at the content.” When we looked at how engaged his audience was, he said 80% to 90% of the people who showed up in the beginning stayed through the entire webinar even through his pitch. That’s an indication that you don’t need to change anything with your content right now, aside from just practicing and asking a couple of questions. Your content is gold. What we want to focus on is working on specific elements of your offer. How can we improve the elements of your offer?

Maybe we can clarify why they absolutely need this and we also dialed in on his avatar. We had multiple avatars that were buying this program and especially when we got that feedback that there was a high-ticket client on that webinar that ended up refunding. That gave us an indication that we needed to focus our message more on the other people and get more of them to purchase. We saw the opportunity to focus more on the one avatar who really needed this program. We’ve got that from the feedback of the refund request who ended up turning into a high-ticket client.

It’s all about analyzing our data, analyzing what’s working and how we can improve it. That’s very important. We make a few changes and he launches his webinar again for a second time. He goes live. He sent me the stats and he went from making one sale to three live sales on the webinar and now he’s just absolutely hooked. I asked him, “What did you do differently on from the previous webinars?” If you focus on the reason why people need whatever it is that you are talking about. I stress this so much. What is the reason why with every single piece of content that you talk about with your marketing?

SWW 045 | Optimize Your Webinars

Optimize Your Webinars: Content is gold. Focus on working on specific elements of your offer.

If you have a piece of content that you are sharing with your audience, why do they need to pay attention? If you’re going through your webinar and you include three, four, five pieces of content that you want to share with them, why is each piece of content important? If you’re going through and you’re adding components to your offer, why is each component important? This sounds simple, but it is not easy and it is very important.

James echoed it when I asked him, “What do you think you did differently that made the biggest impact?” His answer to me was, “I talked about my reasons why.” It was the reasons why I talked about this. It was reasons why I included this to make them need my program. If you could explain reasons why with everything that you talk about, you will become a much more effective communicator in all of your messages and all of your marketing and all of your sales language. It will drastically improve your conversions.

James, I wanted to give you a shout out on this podcast. I wanted to put you up on a pedestal because I’m super impressed with number one, you’re an excellent friend who values the investment of one-on-one mentoring and one-on-one consulting. More than anything, you actually take action with your results. For everyone in the audience, learn how you can apply that to your own offers to your own marketing because it is super critical. It’s super simple but of course it’s not always easy to do. That’s what I’ve got for you on this very short and very exclusive episode. Go crush it and I’ll see you on the next one. Take care.

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