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How to Convert 10% Of Webinar Registrations Using RBS with Bastian Ernst | #040

Bastian Ernst is the founder of Wild Audience, a marketing company known for respect-based marketing. The concept is simple: Combine the relationship aspect of business with automation. And although the automation tactics can get a bit complex, the engagement rates alone are worth it.

In this episode, Bastian shares how he’s leveraging unique engagement sequences and relationship-based funnels to get 10% conversion rates on his webinar as well as how to implement them into your webinar funnel

Episode Discussions:

  • Relationship funnels and core elements to make it work
  • How much segmentation is too much segmentation?
  • 2 elements you need to personalize and remain relevant to your audience
  • Messenger bots for timely events and reminder sequences
  • The benchmark for your 1st webinar iteration
  • The most critical element to make relationship style funnels perform
  • A deep dive into lead scoring
  • The Webinar Vault
  • How to leverage lead scores to make your campaign more effective
  • The evergreen newsletter segmentation
  • Building automation and evergreen assets
  • RBS funnel that converted 10% of webinar registrations
  • Engagement techniques to increase conversion rates
  • Free email course funnel sequence
  • How to install the buying need in your audience

[3:42] Segmentation: Right message to the right person at the right time.

[6:26] RBS funnel that converted 10% of webinar registrations

  • Promotion: Facebook Ads
  • Lead magnet: 15-page PDF
  • Opt-in form: Asks “what’s your biggest problem?”
  • Email: 3 additional questions related to their business
  • Use data to prepare people for conversion event (webinar)
  • Use micro-commitments


[10:05] 1st iteration

  • Keep as simple as possible
  • Create a lead magnet 
  • Create webinar
  • Bridge with email sequence
  • Benchmark: ROI
  • Identify problems
  • Tweak until profitable:

[14:40] Engagement optimization is the most critical element to make relationship style funnels perform.

[15:59] Optimizing for clicks: Give the audience the steering wheel to choose their own path and consume at their own rate.

[21:30] Testing: expediting webinar access

[22:12] Bastian’s evergreen webinar is outperforming his live webinar.

  • Evergreen: uses Demio (one-click registration)
  • Live: One-click signup via bots, sends data from email system to bot system through Zapier

[23:55] Relationship-based marketing to increase show up rate:

  • Shorten time between signup
  • Use Messenger bots to get people somewhere quickly

[25:05] Is it simple to integrate a messenger bot for reminder sequences?

[26:07] Bot marketing: Use for timely events, FB Lives or webinar

[26:41] Bastian’s current testing:

  • New webinar funnel for Wild Audience
  • Lead magnet
  • Thank you page with webinar (instant access after signup) + $1K product
  • Stack email sequence after initial webinar
  • Direct them to webinar again or sales page

[28:19] “When you’re building long-term assets and relationships, you want your audience to know that you have stuff to sell them and not be freeloaders.”

[29:13] Joel’s current project: building a webinar for his Webinar Vault program (launching soon!)

[30:15] The Evergreen Newsletter

[32:46] What is lead scoring?

Shows you how engaged people are with your content and where they’re at in the journey

The higher the score, the more people engage with you and your content

[34:26] How to leverage lead score to make your campaign more effective.

[36:45] Free course email sequence:

CTA to webinar. Everyone sees CTA to subscribe to course. Non-buyers segment to the evergreen newsletter.

[37:21] Installing the buying needs: The question is what do I need someone to believe before they can accept the decision or desire of my product or service?

What’s your take on Bastian’s RBS funnel? Joel wants your feedback!

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