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Eliminating Sales Conversations? | #104

Everyone wants to: Reduce no show rates, Get better prospects, How to insure sales team effectiveness.

New Goal: Eliminate the sales conversations.

Today may be a bit controversial and I do not want it to be taken the wrong way.  

A big choke-point can be the sales conversations and the sales process.  I speak with a client about this and share the results with you…

  • Create a new and unique assessment form
  • Assessment: assessing that they are the right client
  • BIG ADVICE: re-frame everything that you are doing as “how is this going to benefit my customer?” “What can you do for the customer…?”
  • Ask better questions framed around core promise
  • Examples
  • Remind prospects of what they are getting from this program
  • Sales first -> marketing second
  • You ask vague questions, you will get vague answers and unqualified prospects!
  • I do not believe that we really need to follow a “sales script”
--> Increase your close rate with enrollment conversations.

Keep a look out for the re-launch of my personal brand happening now!

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