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Don’t Sell Courses and Things…Sell THIS Instead! | #038

SWW 38 | Don’t Sell Courses And Things

SWW 38 | Don’t Sell Courses And Things


Many of us are in the information marketing space or the education space and we use webinars to sell courses or some sort of digital product. When somebody says he’s got this awesome program but it’s just not selling, one of the things they should do to help boost conversions is to eliminate the mentality that they’re selling a course. So many of us are selling the thing, and if you’re selling the thing, you’re missing out on substantial conversions. You have to connect with somebody based on their desires and their wants and their true passions and their true needs. Don’t sell courses and things. Sell transformation. Sell the end result. Sell who they are going to become when they finish your program. And this goes for anything, for most products and services.

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Don’t Sell Courses And Things… Sell THIS Instead!

I just got off a solo podcast that you are going to absolutely love. One of the most important things that people mistakenly do when they are recording their webinars and building their webinars and crafting their sales messages is they get tripped up in certain details that really do not matter. One of the lessons that I shared on this podcast was something called the power offer. I don’t think I’ve ever disclosed this publicly before what this power offers sandwich actually is.

I went on a little bit of rant inside this episode and I wasn’t intending to talk about power offers sandwich, but anyway, I ended up doing it. You are going to love this episode and if you implement this, I guarantee it will provide so much more clarity to your audience and to yourself when you rewrite your webinars and when you create your webinars. I highly recommend you pay attention and implement what I’m teaching in this episode. You’re going to love it and you can watch your sales increase as a result.

I just got back from Florida, did some resting and relaxation and shut down my business for a little while so I’m just getting back into the swing of things. I didn’t shut it down for my private clients. I’ve got a handful of one-on-one clients that I work with. I was able to manage them, which was awesome. Getting back into the swing of things in terms of producing more content for you guys, I want to talk about something really important. When I work with private clients or when I’m reviewing webinars and I’m doing webinar breakdown calls or if I’m doing one-hour reviews for my webinar volt program, one of the core things that I look at is what I get to the offer.

Many of us are in the information marketing space or the education space and we use webinars to sell courses or some digital products. When I get a client who comes to me and says, “Joel, I’ve got this awesome course. I’ve got this awesome training. I’ve got this awesome program, but it’s just not selling. The conversions just aren’t there.” They come to me and they want me to help them boost their conversions. We just got finished with a seven-figure launch for my clients, Selena Soo. She absolutely crushed it with her Impacting Millions program. As I was going through and I was reviewing her webinar, I remember this very important thing. One of the things I wanted her to do to help boost conversions was to eliminate the mentality that she’s selling a course.

So many of us are selling the thing, and if you’re selling the thing, you’re missing out on substantial conversions. Don’t sell me things. I want a result. I want a transformation. I want style. I want to look or feel different. If you can connect with somebody based on their desires and their wants and their true passions and their true needs, that is so more effective than saying, “I want you to buy my course. Inside of my course I’m going to give you module number one. Inside module number one, I’ve got this video and this video and this PDF. Then we get to module number two.” Think about it this way. If you’ve gone to college or if people looked at applying to schools or if you’ve graduated college or whatever, when you go onto campus, are they taking you through and they’re saying, “You should join this university because you get to take a class on biology. Then you get to take a class on chemistry and then you get to take a class on psychology and then you can take another class on psychology, psychology 101, 201, 301.”

No. They’re selling you on what the experience is of the university. Maybe they’re promoting the professor. “You get all of these tremendous professors that you get to learn from. Our school produces X number of college graduates at work at one of the big four accounting firms.” They’re selling you on what happens after you graduate. That’s really, really important. They’re selling you on the experience while you’re in the college, while you’re in the university, while you’re attending the school. They’re also selling you on what happens at the end and they’re saying, “By the time you get to the end, here’s what you could be. Here’s what could happen to you. Here’s what other students have done and they’ve accomplished. Look at our esteemed alumni. We have a library named after this person. Look at our president. He’s doing incredible things.”

What they’re not telling you is they’re saying, “You should come here because during your curriculum, you’re going to take fifteen classes on machine design principles and air conditioning principles.” I’m just rattling off the curriculum that I studied back in engineering school. That’s not what gets me excited. So many of us, when we’re creating our offers is we are selling the thing and the thing that we’re selling, we’re selling a course and we get so deep into what the course is and what’s included in the course and we forget that what they really want to buy is what happens when they’re done with the course, who they become when they’ve finished the course. I use language that very, very specifically says by the time you get to the end of this program, here’s what you will do, here’s what you will become. Here’s what’s going to happen, because that is all they care about.

I use this thing called the power offers sandwich, and the power offer is something that I’ve implemented with ads. I’ve implemented it with someone my copy that I create on my Facebook posts and I implement it for webinars. When I get to the pitch and it gets the transition to the offer, I finished my contents and I said, “If you’re ready to level up and if you enjoy what you’ve learned today and you want to take this to the next level, then you know you should really consider XYZ program.” I called this the power offer sandwich. I create a power offer and a power offer is one sentence and that’s all it is. It’s one sentence that says, “If you want X, Y and Z with A, B and C benefit without certain hurdles or objections, then you should join my offer. This is specifically for you. Then you need to enroll into whatever program it is.”

SWW 38 | Don’t Sell Courses And Things

Don’t Sell Courses And Things: Nobody is going to remember what is in the details of what they’re buying. They’re only focused on the end result.

Mike Dillard does a very good job and I’m breaking down one of his webinars right now. This is one of the reasons why this came to mind was so apparent is because he doesn’t sell courses. He tells you specifically in the offer that, “I do not sell courses. This isn’t just another course. This is an implementation program.” He’s immediately reframing your mind because you’re not buying a course. You’re buying the end result. I’ve got off on a little tangent there but I want us to make this point that the core thing that I talk about in the power offer is if you want X, Y and Z without A, B and C hurdles, then you need to enroll in this.

I rewrite that over and over again. I called it the power offers sandwich because if there’s one thing that I want them to know in order to make the yes or no buying decision, it is the sentence because nobody is going to remember what is in the details of what they’re buying. They’re only focused on the end result. That end result needs to be my power offer sandwich. Why do I call it the power offer sandwich? I lead with that power offer statement. “If you want this, then you need to enroll into this program.”

That’s the top piece of the bread. The bread in a sandwich is what the power offer is and in between the bread is all of the stuff. All of the ingredients, the lettuce, the tomato, the onions, meat, the bacon, the mustard, the salami. Whatever your sandwich actually comprises of, that’s the stuff in between the two pieces of bread. On both sides you’ve got the bread and that’s why I call this the power offer sandwich because you lead with the power offer and then you end with the power offer because the power offer is the single most important thing that they are going to remember and you stick it on the very beginning and you stick it on the very end.

That is what is going to push them over as a yes or no. If they don’t buy your power offer, then they are not buying your program. It doesn’t matter how much of the stuff you put inside that sandwich, it’s not a sandwich unless you have the two pieces of bread and you have to have that. That is what is going to get them to comprehend what they are actually buying.

Do not sell courses, sell transformation, sell the end result, sell who they are going to become when they finish your program. This goes for anything, most products and services. They don’t want to know the details of what’s inside. Don’t get stumbled over the details. Focus on crafting your power offer, stick it at the beginning and at the end normally right before we do the Q and A so they know exactly who they are going to become, what’s going to happen to them, and what the end result is.

I wanted to share that with you because it is so powerful and it’s one of the main things that I focus on when I’m breaking down my, my clients’ webinars or I’m working with them one on one. Implant the power offer sandwich. Stop selling the thing. Don’t sell me things, sell me a transformation. What is the end result? “I’m going to get more traffic and we’re going to lose weight.” That’s what you want to buy. That’s what people want to buy it. Stop selling things. Stop selling your courses. Sell me the transformation. That’s all I’ve got for you. Thank you for tuning in and I’ll see you on the next episode. Take care, experts.

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