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BUSTING the $997 Myth | #039

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So, you’ve priced your information product at $997 because all the cool kids are doing it. But this episode will make you think twice about buying into the hype as Joel reveals the ‘$997’ connection to low conversion rates — plus how to reframe your offer to grow your customer base and surge your sales.


Episode Discussions:

  • Is your ask too big?
  • How an ask held a cold traffic webinar to one sale
  • Building trust with membership sites
  • Commitment as a barrier
  • Lowering commitment levels to increase sales
  • Ascending your audience to higher-level programs
  • Leveraging your existing content to improve conversions
  • Ask yourself these questions if you’re struggling to convert


[4:23] People are leaving so much money on the table by trying to go for the home run with the webinar.

[5:00] Understand the magnitude of your ask in terms of what your audience has to commit to learning.


[7:12] Joel discusses a past client’s $997 house flipping program and why his ‘ask’ kept his cold traffic webinar sales to one.


[8:39] Think in terms of the customer journey and how much work is involved to achieve success.


[9:08] Rather than offer a $1K course or program, frame it as a lower commitment level and work on ascending them.


[9:42] A month-to-month membership site presents an opportunity to build trust with your audience while consuming your content.


[10:28] Think about different ways to ascend them to different offers and higher-level programs so they start educating themselves more.


[10:47] Let your teaching do the selling for you.


[11:34] If you’re struggling, think about how big your ask is, assuming money is a non-issue. How else can you leverage content you’ve already created to convert them?


[11:58] Rethink your offers, content, and everything you talk about inside your webinar. 


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Joel Erway is a real deal webinar coach and expert. He helps craft webinars, sales pitches, messaging, and funnels as well as designs programs that get conversions. It’s no wonder why he’s the go-to consultant for many of the top performing digital marketing sales and lead generation webinars.

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Whether you’re a webinar skeptic or believer, or just need your curiosity satisfied, this episode gives an in-depth look at how and why this genius marketing tool delivers tremendous value to any business. Please visit our website for more information,

In his spare time, Joel is an avid reader and market researcher. He enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his family in upstate NY. He is really excited to add to his services, live intensive webinar events! Be on the look out for the next one.

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